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Lagom is a Swedish word that does not have an exact translation into many other languages. It means something like: "just right", or "exactly enough, not too much nor too little." Sometimes it is even used as "Enough, but barely so". It is a very convenient word and I miss it when I speak other languages (i.e. Dutch and English), but I hope non-Swedes will realize the beauty of this word and will start using it. [pronunciation of "lagom", mp3]

Nevertheless, this web site is merely meant as a repository for the few things I'd like to share with the world.

Site contents

LCD monitor calibration and testing
Looking for a new LCD monitor? Use these test images to reveal the differences between monitors.
Stuff for the LaTeX document preparation system
[Web of Science--bibTeX conversion]   [Adobe Garamond with math symbols]
Scientific homepage
Scientific homepage.
Linux tools
Convenient small things for Linux.
[shell and perl-scripts] [dvorak keymaps]
Web server stuff
[HK's PHP captcha] [Squish-awstats] [Analysis of a PHP exploit] Avantslash slashdot-to-mobile converter
Various writings on microphones
Flash fragmentation
Swedish language (in Dutch)
Woordenboek Zweeds-Nederlands
(Dutch-Swedish dictionary)
Ellenbogen Förmedling
(in Swedish)


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