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Adobe Garamond and math symbols in LaTeX

With this package, you can use Adobe Garamond fonts in LaTeX documents, both in text and mathematical equations. A customized version of Donald Knuth's math fonts is used such that all math symbols nicely match the Adobe Garamond fonts.

I did this in 2001 when I was writing my Ph.D. thesis, which involved several days of fiddling with the MathKit scripts and fine-tuning lots of parameters for Metafont. I intended to make it publicly available but never got to it until now.

Examples: [55 kB pdf] and my PhD thesis. Adobe Acrobat cannot handle bitmap fonts very well; try using ggv for viewing pdf files.

It is based on Alan Hoenig's MathKit utility.


See also: Readme file.


adobe_garamond_math.tar.gz (211 kB).

I have tested it on a Linux system with Fedora Core 3 and I have used it on Fedora Core 1 and RedHat 7.1. It should work with any modern TeX distribution which uses a texmf tree. I appreciate feedback, for example if you like it or if you can't get it running.

To Do

If I see that this package is downloaded a lot, I might think of:

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