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isi2bib - create bibTeX entries from ISI Web of Science

Isi2bib is a perl script to generate bibTeX entries from Web of Science. There is a program at CTAN, which I didn't try. This version has the advantage that it does exactly what I want. :-)

Nowadays (2008), Web of Science has a LaTeX export mode, but it looks ugly with all-capitalized journal titles and cryptic labels.


You can try the script with an on-line version.


isi2bib.tar.gz. It includes a simple BibTeX style file to generate an overview (with abstracts) of your BibTeX database.


20080831 - deal with excess leading space; recognize McDonald style capitalization
20080801 - article numbers are recognized as "page numbers". 20060925 - reinstalled version below after accidental rollback
20060712 - added support for optional issue/number (IS field)
20040415 - oops, pages were missing all the time, not anymore.
20040331 - bugfix cut'n paste mode (I should have tested it better, but why didn't anyone tell me that it was broken?)
20030916 - various bugfixes. Long label option.
20030407 - spaces between initials of authors; journal volume pattern matching
20030402 - multiple entries in ISI export format

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