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Shell- and perl-scripts

Shell- and perl-scripts for all kinds of (trivial) tasks. Note that /bin/sh really means /bin/bash, but invoking it as bash causes it to try and read initialization files.
Rename parts of filenames, for example if you want to rename files with the extension .cc into .cpp.
Rename files to lowercase names. Also replace spaces by underscores. Convenient when dealing with Windows files that have uppercase extensions and inconvenient spaces.
Search for regular expressions or strings in C/C++ header and source files, tracing back deeply nested include files.
Renumber filenames from Olympus digital cameras such that they start at 1. Olympus' filenames look something like "p2201577.jpg", where 1577 is the serial number of the photograph. This is somewhat cumbersome if you erased serial numbers 1-1576 a long time ago.
Rename filenames from Olympus digital cameras such that they start with a date in yymmdd format, followed by three digits of the serial number. The above example "p2201577.jpg" would be renamed into "050220-577.jpg". The main difference is that a year is included (not y2k-proof, but most people don't have digital photos from before 2000). The date is taken from the file timestamp rather than the first few letters of the filenmae.
Burn specified wav files onto audio cd with cdda2wav. Takes care of creating a toc-file. This is for people like me who don't like GUIs for managing disc burns, but don't like the clicks on audio cds when you use cdrecord for that purpose.
commandline calculator. Just type an expression as an argument and get the result. Make sure to use quotes if the expression involves parentheses.

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