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 Generate long labels


Check "Generate long labels" if you want the labels as doe-jcp-123-678-1987 instead of doe87, for example if there are many papers with the same year and first author.

There are two input modes:

  1. Copy/paste from WoS: Export to reference software from Marked list.It looks something like:
    FN ISI Export Format
    VR 1.0
    AU Doe, JTM
       Smith, B
       Jones, S
    TI Photoinduced charge creation in some novel materials
    BP 678
    EP 901
    JI J. Chem. Phys.
    PY 1987
    VL 123
    IS 10
    You can submit more than one record at a time.

    Check both "source abbrev" and "source" in Web of Science to get correctly abbreviated journal names. ("Abstract" is optional). Note, this program is picky about newlines and white spaces; these should be exactly as they were provided by Web of Science. Try a copy/paste of the example above first and see whether that works.

  2. Copy/paste from WoS search results (summary); after copy and paste, it looks like:
    Doe JTM, Smith B, Jones S
    Photoinduced charge creation in some novel materials
    J CHEM PHYS 123 (4-5): 678-901 AUG 8 1987
    Only one record at a time.
More help available.


This script is probably not bug-free. Let me know if it behaves strangely or if you'd like to see it work differently (mail to webbmaster (with double b) (at) lagom (dot) nl).

Before you complain that it doesn't work, check that it really looks like the example above: two uppercase letters, one space, and then the text. No colons and dashes.


20080831 - deal with excess leading space; recognize McDonald style capitalization
20080801 - article numbers are recognized as "page numbers". 20060925 - reinstalled version below after accidental rollback
20060712 - added support for optional issue/number (IS field)
20040415 - oops, pages were missing all the time, not anymore.
20040331 - bugfix cut'n paste mode (I should have tested it better, but why didn't anyone tell me that it was broken?)
20030916 - various bugfixes. Long label option.
20030407 - spaces between initials of authors; journal volume pattern matching
20030402 - multiple entries in ISI export format

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