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Mobile LCD test images

This is a version of the Lagom LCD test images, specially adapted for use with mobile internet-capable devices such as the iPod Touch. The test images are designed to fit on a QVGA screen (320x240). For explanations, see the full-size version.

See also: Is my iPod Touch screen bad? - side-by-side photos of good and bad iPod Touch screens, by Jeremy Deats. [not adapted for viewing on the iPod Touch]

Quick gamma/contrast test

Quick gamma
test image

All color bars (from 1 to 32) should be visible and distinguishable from their neighbors.

Display settings

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Your screen resolution should be at least 320x240 or the test images won't fit. The color depth should be at least 24 bits or you may see artifacts that are not related to the display quality per se.

Gamma calibration

Gamma calibration test image

When viewed from a distance, the squares in the row labeled '2.2' should blend in. Note: the web browser should not resize the image or the test will be meaningless! On an iPod Touch, this image should cover about 2/3 of the screen width in landscape mode or 100% of the screen width in portrait mode. Use the zoom function if this is not the case. Note: I have no access to an iPod Touch. I would like to add clear instructions here how to make the iPod Touch display the images without scaling. If you know, please drop me a message: lcdtest at lagom dot nl.

Gradient test (banding test)

Gradient test

The gradient should make a smooth transition from almost black to bright white, without vertical lines or bands showing up.

Contrast test

Contrast test

All squares (including number 1) should be discernible from (and lighter than) the black background, increasing numbers being brighter. Moreover, the squares should not have a color cast, i.e. appear bluish or reddish rather than pure grey. For measuring the actual contrast ratio (digital camera required), go to the contrast ratio page.

White saturation test

White saturation test

All squares should be discernible from the white background, and in increasing brightness.

Inversion test



One of the patterns may flicker. The less flicker, the better. This test is meaningless if your browser resizes the image.



Same as above, but with the patterns rotated 90 degrees.


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