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README for Adobe Garamond--MathKit

Adobe Garamond with Mathkit Mathfonts
By Han-Kwang Nienhuys, Nov 2002, Feb 2005

Based on Alan Hoenig's MathKit package


The included files may be distributed and modified freely, as long as
this notice and the names of the authors in the various files
are preserved.

The Type 1 fonts (file extensions .pfb and .afm) are not included
since these are copyrighted by Adobe.


With this package, you can use Adobe Garamond fonts in LaTeX
documents, both in text and mathematical equations. A customized
version of Donald Knuth's math fonts is used such that all math
symbols nicely match the Adobe Garamond fonts.

I did this in 2001 when I was writing my Ph.D. thesis, which involved
several days of fiddling with the MathKit scripts and fine-tuning lots
of parameters for Metafont. I intended to make it publicly available
but never got to it until now.


1. TeX/LaTeX with a standard texmf tree installed on your system

2. Adobe Garamond fonts PFB and AFM files for "Regular", "Regular
   Small Caps", "Titling Capitals", "Italic", "Semi Bold". I purchased
   5 fonts as a package. Google for: Touch of Classics Adobe Garamond,
   for around USD 80. It's not cheap, I know, but you will have
   something exclusive in return, instead of the Computer Modern and
   Times Roman that everybody uses.

3. MathKit should not be installed on your system. I made some changes
   in MathKit's metafont files that might conflict with a standard
   MathKit installation. If I see that this package is downloaded
   frequently, I might try to make it work smoother.


A. Linux users

If you use a recent Linux distribution, e.g. Fedora Core 3, you can
run from the same directory. However, first copy the PFB
and AFM files from Adobe (files gdxxx___.pfb, gdxxx___.afm) into the
directory adobe/

1. The original PFB and AFM files should be renamed; on Linux-like systems:

   mv gdrg____.pfb padr8a.pfb
   mv gdsc____.pfb padrc8a.pfb
   mv gdttl___.pfb padrd8a.pfb
   mv gdi_____.pfb padri8a.pfb
   mv gdsb____.pfb pads8a.pfb
   mv gdrg____.afm padr8a.afm
   mv gdsc____.afm padrc8a.afm
   mv gdttl___.afm padrd8a.afm
   mv gdi_____.afm padri8a.afm
   mv gdsb____.afm pads8a.afm

2. Put them into texmf/fonts/type1/Adobe/Adobe-Garamond/

   mv pad*.pfb texmf/fonts/type1/Adobe/Adobe-Garamond/

3. Copy the included texmf tree into your system-wide texmf tree.
   In my Fedora Core 3 Linux system, I type (as root):

   cp -a texmf /usr/local/share/
   (You can check /usr/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf to see
   in which directories TeX will look for files.)

4. In the newly installed texmf tree, edit


   If it already exists: append the contents of
   If it does not exist: rename to

5. Update the file index. On my system, that is

   mktexlsr /usr/local/share/texmf

6. Now you are ready. Just put \usepackage{zadpad} in the beginning of
   your LaTeX documents to use the fonts. You can start with the
   included file "test.tex". Note that a dvi viewer may not like the
   postscript-generated slanted roman.

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