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Microphone theory links

These are some websites with useful general information on microphones and recording techniques, which is a bit hard to find between all the websites that sell them.

The 'g' links point to Google to find them in case the url changes.

General background

Michael Hartkopf's Microphone Homepage
with an electronic booklet on microphones [zipped text file], that explains how condenser, electret, moving-coil, and ribbon microphones work, how directional characteristics are obtained and how phantom powering works.  (g)

Also, a Microphone Expressions Lexicon with an alphabetic list of jargon terms.

DPA Microphone university
DPA is a manufacturer that provides plenty of background information, such as the Technology Guide, and a dictionary of buzz words.  (g)
A page for sport taping enthusiasts where you can read reviews on gear used in field recording.

Information about mic types and stereo recording.

DAT-heads microphone FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers. A bit old, and somewhat aimed at recording live concerts.
Powering microphones
Electronic connections and circuits for microphones (e.g. phantom and plug-in-power).  (g)
Audio Technica Guide to Microphones
From microphone manufacturer Audio Technica
Shure educational material
Literature, most of them as PDF files by manufacturer Shure
Crown Microphone Tips
Some microphone tips from a microphone manufacturer.

Stereo recording techniques

Read this if you want to record a live concert on e.g. a portable minidisc player.
Articles on coincident and spaced array techniques
From the Sound on Sound magazine.  (g)
Stereo microphone techniques
Extensive discussion of stereo techniques with pros and cons. Also on this site: Stereo recording procedures.  (g)
DPA microphone university
Extensive list of stereo recording techniques.  (g)
Nickspicks stereo placement FAQ
One of the few sites that adds comments to the application of ORTF and NOS stereo techniques.
Optimum Stereo Signal recording with the Jecklin Disk
The original (translated) paper on OSS recording (two microphones with an absorbing plate inbetween them)  (g)
Geoff Martin's Intro to sound recording
Big book (not yet finished) about recording techniques.
DAT-heads postings
The DAT-head mailing list features a few articles with hints on how to record classical ensembles in stereo, from a more practical point of view:

Other stuff

Recording FAQ FAQ
Microphone links
Part is in Italian, so scroll down on the page

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